An Unexpected Visitor

I recognized her, of course. She has been in my thoughts and in my writing for three years. “Mrs. Trimble!” I said, and we held each other in a long embrace. She traveled from Kentucky, where she now lives, to be at our signing. We had sent her a book, not for her to give feedback, but because we thought she’d want to know what we’d written about her family. She wanted to meet us. For two hours, as a few people came in and out of the bookstore, we talked with this extraordinary lady.  We had not tried to interview her during our writing process because, first, everyone involved in the case was preparing for the trial, and then because we heard she was writing a book of her own. She is, indeed, writing a memoir. No doubt it will be something people in Nashville and beyond will want to read – certainly I will.  I was glad we had not intruded on her privacy. It was so much better as it turned out.  We’ve had an amazing couple of weeks since the book was released, but this was the highlight!

FOX 17 and Sherlock’s

If you’re turning on TV at 7:40 Friday, check out FOX 17. Doug and I are being interviewed about A Season of Darkness.

Later, we will be signing at Sherlock’s Downtown, 11:00-1:00.  If you are working downtown and have a chance to drop by while you’re out at lunch, we’d love to see you!

It was an honor . . .

Doug and I were interviewed today by John Siegenthaler for A Word on Words. He is such an impressive man. He was editor of the Tennessean during the Marcia Trimble search and after the homicide investigation was progressing, so he knew a great deal about the case.  The interview was conversational, like sitting around chatting with friends about a book.  The thirty minutes flew by. What an unforgettable experience.

A Good Week

We had a great week! Our signing at Borders Wednesday night was exciting, and thanks to all of our friends who were there. Today we had another great signing with our friends at Mysteries & More.

Please check out to see A Season of Darkness posted in the new paperback releases – nonfiction.

Authorscoop and Bookpage

Authorscoop and Bookpage have posted interviews with Doug and me. I hope you’ll visit these websites. Both look great, and we appreciate working with Jamie at Authorscoop and Lynn at Bookpage. It was fun doing the Q&A.

Lynn Green, editor of Bookpage, also wrote on her blog  about her memories of Marcia Trimble’s disappearance. Lynn grew up in Green Hills, near Marcia’s neighborhood.

Today is the Day!

It’s an exciting day, the day A Season of Darkness is released. First thing this morning I visited the Working Stiffs blog. Bente Gallagher invited me to be a guest blogger on this one, and I enjoyed it. They have a great site. Check it out!

Last week an AP story went out about our book, and the Tennessean published it. Over the weekend we were interviewed by Channel 4, WSMV, and the interview aired on the 10:00 news. Doug was interviewed by WPLN, the NPR station. Things have been coming together for the book, and today is the day! Actually, though, tomorrow is the day, too! That’s the signing at Borders West End, 7:00. It will be bitter cold, and those who come out to support Doug and me will be either family (you know, family members have to do that sort of thing) or the most loyal friends!