Pursuit in Provence Audiobook is available!

It is well worth the wait! Please check out Pursuit in Provence in audiobook. Aimee Barrett has done an amazing job with the narration. You can find the audiobook at any of these sites – and you’ll be able to listen to a sample.

Pursuit in Provence is also available to purchase at the OrangeSky Audio store.

West Meade Book Club Fun

What a delightful evening at the home of Ansley Wells, who hosted the West Meade Book Club ladies. My former student, Flora Murray, asked me to meet with them to discuss Pursuit in Provence, and I happened to mention the other two books in the series, as well. 🙂 These ladies are serious readers! I loved the questions, comments, and enthusiasm.

And I can’t say enough about the Mediterranean dinner that got us started thinking about Provence! What a gracious group. Thank you!

Fun to see my book in the library!

Book in libraryI was at the Bellevue Library and wondered if they had my book yet. Yes! It was a great feeling to see Pursuit in Provence on the shelves. I looked in the card catalogue and saw that there are copies at other branches, as well. Thanks, Nashville Public Library!

Killer Nashville Blog

I am a guest on the Killer Nashville blog this week:  “True Crime to Cozies–A Happier Ending.” I’m writing about how I went from writing the true crimes about high-profile Nashville cold cases to writing Pursuit in Provence, which is the first in the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series. Thanks to Killer Nashville for inviting me!