An Unfinished Canvas is back!

It’s always exciting to open a box of books! An Unfinished Canvas has been out of print for a while now. People continue to ask about the story of the Janet March murder and the ten-year investigation that ended with justice for Janet. So glad it’s available again!

Read about the case and order here: An Unfinished Canvas

Writing Contests

I was asked to write a blog for the WNBA newsletter on the pros and cons of writing contests. After I sent in the blog, I was actually a finalist in two contests, the Claymore Awards and the Silver Falchion Award, and I won the Silver Falchion. That’s the way it goes; now and then you will win! My blog tells you what to look for and what to look out for!

You can see it now at this link:

Stock Photo of a sign that says Contest

Lost Innocence Audiobook

My first audiobook!

“Lost Innocence” was a narrative I wrote for an anthology of true crime stories in the Twentieth Century. My story tells of the Marcia Trimble murder, which shook Nashville to its core in 1975 and was not solved for more than three decades.

The tragic story appears in its entirety in A Season of Darkness (Berkley, 2009), co-authored with Doug Jones. The abbreviated version, along with more than a dozen true crime stories, appears in Masters of True Crime (Prometheus, 2012).

It was exciting to hear the reading on the audiobook!

Back from Ireland

Creative Writing class in Ireland

I’m back after spending most of the month of May teaching in Ireland. What an incredible experience! My students, who came from several Tennessee colleges, were some of the most creative students I’ve ever worked with. Ireland is a land of castles, sheep grazing in green pastures, Irish dancing, cliffs, the Aran Islands where people still speak the Irish language – I could go on.  The weather was not as perfect as everything else – too cold and rainy for my liking – but Ireland is truly a magical place and the Irish are warm and welcoming.  Yes, I’m glad to be home, but I’m so glad I had the experience!

Read “A Fond Farewell to Davis-Kidd”

In her article, Paige Crutcher has compiled comments from several Nashville authors about Davis-Kidd’s closing. Clearly, there is a lot of emotion about this.  I was in Green Hills tonight, and it is sad to see the “Store Closing” sign above the Davis-Kidd sign.