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Nashville Writers Alliance – I won’t say how long ago, but word processing was a relatively new concept for most of the would-be-writers who gathered on the Vanderbilt campus for the week-long Cumberland Valley Writers Conference.  (I was still pounding out stories on an IBM electric typewriter.) After the conference, some of us decided we wanted to continue meeting to read and critique each others’ work.  It would be years before we called ourselves the Nashville Writers Alliance, but we began meeting every Tuesday night, and we’ve met most Tuesday nights since.

I have the distinction of being the only “founding” member still participating.  Man, that makes me feel old!  Many of the group remained for years – even decades.  Jim Young, Alana White, Madeena Nolan, Martha Hickman, Kae Cheatham, Steve Womack, Michael Sims, Squire Babcock, Amy Lynch, Sallie Bissell – to name a few. Our dear Martha died last winter. She had moved to California some years ago, but those of us who had the good fortune to know Martha felt her loss profoundly when she was gone. We still miss her.

Members of our current group are John Bridges, Rita Bourke, Mary Buckner, Doug Jones, Rick Romfh, Shannon Thurman, Mary Bess Dunn, Corabel Shofner, Ed Comer, writers-group-2016and me. We still meet on Tuesday nights–just about every Tuesday night. It is unusual for all ten of us to be at a meeting, but when it happened recently, we took a photo.<

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