Secrets and Shamrocks


2016-08-11 19.58.49Available at Parnassus Bookstore and Barnes and Noble, Cool Springs. Also available on Amazon in hardback and e-book.

Excerpt from Secrets and Shamrocks

“Tell us the rest of the story, Ian,” Alex urged.

He began, and as before, his voice took on the lilt of a storyteller. “The story goes that one day some of Cromwell’s men intercepted the priest as he was leaving after he’d said the mass, and they went back and dragged the man from his cottage because he’d been hiding the priest. The daughter rushed after her father, screaming and crying. One of the soldiers raised his weapon and shot her. She fell, clutching her breast, and there she died, under an alder tree. Legend has it a patch of shamrock plants sprang up from the ground where her blood soaked into the earth.”

It was a long moment before Alex spoke. “A powerful story.”

And then a shot rang out.

“Holy Mother. I think I’ve been shot,” Ian said.