Setting Inspires Treachery


Thanks to Jacqueline Seewald who invited me to be her guest today on Author Expressions.

I hope you’ll visit!


Release date: May 2

Author event at Parnassus: June 3, 2:00



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Listen . . .to Treachery in Tuscany


I’m reading the opening scene of Treachery in Tuscany. Please listen and share!

Pub date: May 2, 2018 — Author event at Parnassus: June 3, 2018


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Save the Date!


Sunday, June 3, 2:00 p.m. at Parnassus Bookstore

To celebrate the launch of Treachery in Tuscany, I’ll be joined at Parnassus by my friend Alana White, author of The Sign of the Weeping Virgin. We will do an “Afternoon in Florence,” discussing the amazing Renaissance city and all its pleasures that make it ideal for the setting of both our books. Treachery in Tuscany is a contemporary traditional mystery, third in the Jordan Mayfair Mystery Series. Alana’s Sign of the Weeping Virgin is historical fiction, set in 1480 Italy.

We’ll have fun talking about Italy, yesterday and today, and answering your questions!

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WNBA Mystery Panel – A Big Success and A Lot of Fun


In spite of terrible rains over the weekend, the Mystery Panel at Green Hills Library was well attended. Participants were Lee Wilson (Jenna Brown), Dana Carpenter, Peggy Peden, and me. I can’t wait to read their new books. What a great audience, too!

Phyllis and Alana – we will be at an event at Parnassus in June!

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WNBA Mystery Panel


Women’s National Book Association – Nashville – Mystery Panel

I am delighted to be joining Jenna Brown, Dana Carpenter, and Peggy Peden on a panel that will highlight our mysteries, sponsored by WNBA.

I’ll be talking about Secrets and Shamrocks and I’m sure I’ll put a plug in for Treachery in Tuscany, which will be released May 2.


Read more about the program at WNBA’s website:

Saturday, February 24, 10:30-12:00

Green Hills Branch Library

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Discussion Questions for your Book Club


I hope your book club will read Secrets and Shamrocks. Here are some questions to consider:

  1. Is it realistic to think that everyone at Shepherd’s Guesthouse Bed and Breakfast has secrets? Which secrets, when revealed, are the most surprising?
  2. People confide in Jordan, even almost-strangers. What are her qualities that make people feel that they can tell her their secrets?
  3. Prescription medications play a role in the story on several levels. How does Alex’s situation parallel the others that involve meds?
  4. Do you think Magdala’s cottage is the same cottage that Ian wrote about in the legend of the man who hid the priest? Why or why not?
  5. What does Paul Broussard’s appearance add to the story? What does the scene in the Dublin restaurant reveal about Jordan?
  6. What do the clips of Irish history add to the story?
  7. Does Grace’s letter, after Jordan and Alex have returned to Savannah, provide a satisfying ending? What is left unresolved?

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Treachery in Tuscany ARCs Have Arrived!


I’m showing off the advance reading copy of Treachery in Tuscany at dinner with Betty, Brenda, and Darlene, my fantastic college friends!   Release date is May 2, 2018. These links give information about pre-ordering at the publisher’s website and ordering the e-book.

To view the Encircle Publications product page go here:

To view the Smashwords product page for the eBook go here:





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Cover Reveal – Treachery in Tuscany









Treachery in Tuscany front cover design – what an exciting Christmas gift! Expected date of release, May 2018.






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Writers Group Christmas Party



(l to r) Rita, Rick, Will, Mary

Each Christmas, it is a great joy for me to host our Christmas meeting of the writers group. In addition to our usual joyful time, we have Christmas music. A good time was had by all (yes, writers, passive voice)!

(l. to r.) Doug, Ed, Corabel, Shannon, and Mary Bess

(l to r) John, Rita, Rick, Will, Mary


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A Reader from Ireland!


This is Marina O’Reilly.

Thanks, Jo McGuire, also from Ireland, for sending the photo and sending Marina’s kind words about Secrets and Shamrocks. How exciting it is to know that I get a thumbs-up from readers in Ireland !

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