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Our panel is set for 4:00-5:30, Saturday, October 9. The Southern Festival of Books is a weekend-long event, Friday through Sunday, on the Legislative Plaza. It is a tremendous event for writers and readers in Nashville – and people come in from far away to attend.

The Nashville Writers Alliance panel is made up of members and former members of our writers group that has met on Tuesday nights for more than 30 years. (See Writers Group category for more information.) Some questions we will be addressing: What makes a successful writers group? Why has ours flourished when others don’t? What are some issues to consider in forming a writers group?  Please make plans to attend, and we welcome your ideas.


My day job is teaching English. Since 2002 I have served on the English faculty at Nashville State Community College, where I have taught courses in composition, literature, and creative writing. I am editor of the literary magazine, Tetrahedra. I earned my B.S. in Education at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and received my M.A. in English from Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Tennessee, where the graduate program offered both creative thesis and scholarly thesis options. I submitted a creative thesis, a 90-page collection of stories entitled Listen to Me. Most of the stories have been published in literary journals and/or have received awards. My writing career spans three decades. My history of publication includes both fiction and nonfiction. I have published two novels and more than thirty stories and articles in literary journals, anthologies, and magazines. It was an honor for me when one of my stories appeared in HomeWorks in 1996. The anthology was a collection of works by Tennessee writers living at that time, including Alex Haley, Robert Penn Warren, and Peter Taylor. The highlight of my writing career occurred when I received the Tennessee Arts Commission’s Individual Artist Award in Fiction for 2006. Other writing achievements include the Leslie Garrett Fiction Prize awarded by the Knoxville Writers Guild, Tennessee Writers Alliance Short Story First Place Award, and the North Carolina Writers’ Workshop First Place Award in Creative Nonfiction. In 2005, I received a Pushcart nomination for my story, “Primates,” which was published in Bellevue Literary Review. My most recent award came from the Knoxville Writers’ Guild, the 2008 Creative Nonfiction First Place Award for my essay, “In the Car with Mother on Christmas Eve.” I am a founding member of the Tennessee Writers Alliance and served on its Board of Directors for ten years, including two terms as president and one as chair of the Board.

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  1. Wayne Guyette

    I’ve had the honor and great pleasure to attend two meetings of the Nashville Writer’s Alliance and would recommend the upcoming panel to all serious writers interested in joining or developing a peer critique group. While leadership of such groups is vital, particularly in a group’s early stages, it is the vibrancy of the group itself that drives its continuity, effectiveness, value, impact, and success. Many groups start off with the best of intentions and enthusiasm, yet soon pass away like so much flotsam; never to heard from again. So, if you are interested in a really good peer critique model, don’t miss this panel that summarizes over thirty years of trial, error and, above all, success. Oh, my, just think about it… thirty+ years, Wow!.. WG.

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