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  1. Need to talk to someone locally who is writing true crime. I have the rudiments but don’t know the in’s and out’s of getting police to talk, getting access to police reports. Loved UNFINISHED CANVAS. I’d love to e-mail, talk, or meet with you. I am a Wilson County resident with Nashville employment and chosen subject occurring in this locale. Above e-mail works.

    1. My co-writer on A SEASON OF DARKNESS (the story of Marcia Trimble, release date Dec. 7) is a practicing attorney, and he has many contacts in law enforcement and the judicial system. My co-writer on AN UNFINISHED CANVAS has a legal background so he was able to find a lot of information for us. Not that I didn’t do anything! Most of my research was in newspaper archives and interviews. Much of the info is public record, but it helps to know someone. We were fortunate that we knew some of the detectives personally. Good luck with your project, and I’m happy to answer your “true crime” questions.

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