True Crime

A Season of Darkness by Doug Jones and Phyllis Gobbell:
On a spring-like February afternoon in 1975, nine-year-old Marcia Trimble went across the street to deliver Girl Scout cookes.  She never returned. Her disappearance prompted a massive search, unlike anything Nashville had ever known.  The discovery of her body on Easter sparked a murder investigation that would take the police on a trial of twists, turns, and frustrating dead ends for more than three decades.
A Season of Darkness is the Marcia Trimble story. Many Nashvillians remember the night she disappeared and the day her body was found.  I remember. We hope the book will illuminate some of the mysteries surrounding the crime and show how one little girl profoundly affected the whole city of Nashville.
Contact for film/tv/foreign rights:
Sharlene Martin
Martin Literary Management LLC
321 High School Road NE
Suite D-3, #316
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
206-201-3506 (fax)
Since the release of A Season of Darkness in December 2010, we’ve had several signing and reading events.
Signing at Mysteries & More in Lennox Village


Doug and Phyllis at Bookman-Bookwoman


About 135 came out for the Dec. 8 launch of the book at Borders West End – Very happy!

5 thoughts on “True Crime

  1. I have just finished reading A Season of Darkness and passed it on to someone else to read. The book was one of those Wonderful-but-Terrible stories with which I was familiar just because of being in Nashville.

    A well written story that made me hurry to the next page while trying to absorb it all. (My friend asked, “Will this book make me cry?”)

    I had a problem with two facts presented in the book, neither of which is important to the story line: 1. Where in Nashville was Washington Junior High located? 2. I thought Ronal Serpas was from New Orleans originally. I didn’t remember that he came to Nashville from Washington. (Neither fact terribly important to anybody but me.)

  2. Phyllis, I just discovered you’re a published author! Congratulations! I always knew you would achieve great things, since our high school days. I plan to pick up “Season of Darkness” as soon as I can. Let me know if you ever come to Huntsville. Would love to see you.

    1. Me, too! I have seen some of your posts on Facebook. It has been fun to re-connect with some high school friends. I hope you like the book, and if you’re ever coming to Nashville, please let me know!

  3. I am about 150 pages into a “Season of Darkness” and can’t put it down. There is so much going on during that time that I did not even know about even though I’ve heard about the case throughout my life. I can only imagine how these events changed the Nashville neighborhoods!
    I am excited to finish the book and get you to sign my copy 🙂

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