Save the Date! Book Signing 12/9/10


Doug Jones and I will be signing A Season of Darkness at Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville on Thursday, December 9.  A Season of Darkness is the story of Marcia Trimble, the nine-year-old Girl Scout whose disappearance in 1975 was the beginning of a mystery that took 34 years to solve. We are excited about launching our book on December 9 – please save the date!

Knoxville Writers Guild Contest


Our writer friends in Knoxville have announced their 2010 contest winners. The Knoxville Writers Guild holds an annual competition in several categories. “The Major’s Wife” (short story) placed third in the Leslie Garrett Fiction Contest, and “Stitches in Time” (memoir) placed second in the Creative Non-Fiction category. These  may be available soon on the KWG website or published in an upcoming anthology. Thanks to the KWG for providing opportunities like this for writers.

Nashville Writers Alliance Panel at SFB


Our panel is set for 4:00-5:30, Saturday, October 9. The Southern Festival of Books is a weekend-long event, Friday through Sunday, on the Legislative Plaza. It is a tremendous event for writers and readers in Nashville – and people come in from far away to attend.

The Nashville Writers Alliance panel is made up of members and former members of our writers group that has met on Tuesday nights for more than 30 years. (See Writers Group category for more information.) Some questions we will be addressing: What makes a successful writers group? Why has ours flourished when others don’t? What are some issues to consider in forming a writers group?  Please make plans to attend, and we welcome your ideas.